The mission of the company VIXON GAS is to supply competitive products and services in conformity with the Romanian and European standards and legislation. By taking and assuming continuous contractual obligations, VIXON GAS will become a strong and a reliable partner for all suppliers and consumers of LPG.

Constant quality is one of the competitive advantages of the company. For the reloading and storage services, our company aims to provide maximum flexibility that will reduce the stationary time during reloading which automatically means reducing the costs of logistics. We will ensure constant storage capacity for other companies that intend to store LPG and then sell it in the local or foreign markets.

VIXON GAS comes through:

  • product differentiation  – quality, correct composition, price, trust, responsibility
  • services differentiation  – easy process for placing orders and flexible deliveries
  • staff differentiation– competence, professionalism, confidence, reaction speed, efficient communication
  • distribution network differentiation – warehouse in Giurgiu + other partner warehouses available for deliveries and storage