The LPG river terminal VIXON GAS is located in the Giurgiu town, Romania, inside the Giurgiu Free Zone, at the border between Romania and Bulgaria. At just 5km distance is the Bulgarian city Ruse. The terminal is placed on the Plantelor channel shore which provides access to the Danube and the Black Sea. On the territory of the terminal are located six tanks of 400m3 each, providing a total storage capacity of 2400m3 or about 1100 tons.

The company’s competitiveness will be ensured by several factors: first of all due to the contracts with the suppliers and customers, and secondly due to the strategic location of the terminal within the Free Giurgiu Zone with access to the European roads, railways and river waters, which will reduce logistic costs that usually have an important weight in the final price of the product.

The LPG terminal has:

  • 2 auto ramps that provide simultaneous loading / unloading of LPG auto tanks, each ramp is equipped with its own scale
  • 6 stations for loading or unloading of European RTCs. The rail track has 3 scales to optimize the cargo flow during loading / unloading
  • 1 mooring pontoon for barges or self-propelled vessels for loading / unloading operations
  • 1 barge with a volume of 2000m3 or about 1000 tons with one pusher for river cargo deliveries